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Cogenra completes 1.1MW Project Showcasing the Dense Cell Interconnect Technology with Washington Gas

Record setting DCI technology proven at University of Arizona's SolarZone 




Cogenra Wins $2M U.S. Energy Dept. SunShot Award

Funding will support domestic manufacturing of record-setting Dense Cell Interconnect (DCI) technology



Cogenra Set Three World Records for Solar Module Power

Breakthrough Dense Cell Interconnect (DCI) technology boosts module power by 15 percent, setting world records for n-type, p-type and multi crystalline modules



PV Magazine talks about Cogenra and SunPower

PV Magazine | 5/12/2014


Energy Secretary Moniz Announces New ARPA-E Solar Projects: Cogenra Selected for Two Projects

1) Cogenra selected as project lead, $1.996M.  2) Project partner with University of Tulsa, $1.759M.

 ARPA-E | 2/06/2014

Cogenra: set to meet SunShot 5 cents per kilowatt-hour

 PV Insider | 1/21/2014

Is Cogenra the anti-Solyndra?

Silicon Valley Business Journal | 12/03/2013

Solar Speaks: Utilities Should Clamor for this Ground Mount System

Solar Power World | 12/03/2013

A Disruptive Low-Concentration PV Proposition From Cogenra | 11/21/2013

Washington Gas Energy Systems to Build, Own and Operate Cogenra Solar Project For Tucson Electric Power in Tucson, Arizona


Cogenra Introduces Industry's Lowest-Cost PV System


 Solar Technology Companies Develop CHP: Cogenra appears to lead in C&I segment of new solar-CHP industry

 Climate Change Business Journal | November 2013

Solar-desal hybrid trialed in remote Tjuntjuntjara


Green on Facebook at Facebook HQ


Solar CHP Innovations Offer Efficiency Kick, Future Energy Storage Options

Renewable Energy World | 7/24/2013 

Cogenra's Hybrid Solar Picked to Drive Johnson Control Chillers | 3/4/2013

Johnson Controls Launches Chiller Solutions with Advanced Thermal Technology

Johnson Controls | 2/21/2013 

Being Smart About Solar Energy, Even Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

Suddeutsche Zeitung | 1/21/2013

 Efficient Cogeneration Power for New Facebook HQ

 TechWeek Europe | 12/10/2012