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Cogenra Set Three World Records for Solar Module Power

Breakthrough Dense Cell Interconnect (DCI) technology boosts module power by 15 percent, setting world records for n-type, p-type and multi crystalline modules



PV Magazine talks about Cogenra and SunPower

PV Magazine | 5/12/2014


Energy Secretary Moniz Announces New ARPA-E Solar Projects: Cogenra Selected for Two Projects

1) Cogenra selected as project lead, $1.996M.  2) Project partner with University of Tulsa, $1.759M.

 ARPA-E | 2/06/2014

Cogenra: set to meet SunShot 5 cents per kilowatt-hour

 PV Insider | 1/21/2014

Is Cogenra the anti-Solyndra?

Silicon Valley Business Journal | 12/03/2013

Solar Speaks: Utilities Should Clamor for this Ground Mount System

Solar Power World | 12/03/2013

A Disruptive Low-Concentration PV Proposition From Cogenra | 11/21/2013

Washington Gas Energy Systems to Build, Own and Operate Cogenra Solar Project For Tucson Electric Power in Tucson, Arizona


Cogenra Introduces Industry's Lowest-Cost PV System


 Solar Technology Companies Develop CHP: Cogenra appears to lead in C&I segment of new solar-CHP industry

 Climate Change Business Journal | November 2013

Solar-desal hybrid trialed in remote Tjuntjuntjara


Green on Facebook at Facebook HQ


Solar CHP Innovations Offer Efficiency Kick, Future Energy Storage Options

Renewable Energy World | 7/24/2013 

Cogenra's Hybrid Solar Picked to Drive Johnson Control Chillers | 3/4/2013

Johnson Controls Launches Chiller Solutions with Advanced Thermal Technology

Johnson Controls | 2/21/2013 

Being Smart About Solar Energy, Even Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

Suddeutsche Zeitung | 1/21/2013

 Efficient Cogeneration Power for New Facebook HQ

 TechWeek Europe | 12/10/2012