Flexible Solar Power

The Cogenra T14 offers the lowest cost solar electricity for large distributed and utility-scale generation. Plants consist of multiple T14 systems connected in parallel for low-cost, high ground coverage arrays. Standard electrical system design and components convert solar electricity for on-site consumption or utility delivery.


The T14 concentrating photovoltaic system incorporates the same thermal management design that has been previously proven by Cogenra in over 35 customer installations worldwide to efficiently cool the PV cells under concentration. This unique and proprietary design allows for integrated waste heat recovery, as an option, for cogeneration applications such as large scale district heating and cooling plants, waste water treatment and thermal desalination plants and thermal energy storage for on-demand solar power at night.


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For large-scale ground-mount installations, the T14 achieves the lowest system cost in the PV industry. This allows for the upfront investment in a Cogenra T14 solar power plant to be recovered over a relatively shorter period of time, compared to conventional PV, by value of its electricity generation alone. The by-product heat, which is available at a high heat-to-power ratio of four-to-one, can be captured for cogen applications for free. Recent progress enables heat recovery at elevated temperatures of up to 120C (248F), opening up new applications such as absorption chillers and power generation via Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) turbines. The free, but valuable waste heat, once piped and delivered, unlocks markets and applications for which solar was not previously viable such as for municipal wastewater treatment facilities, district heating plants in China or district cooling and thermal desalination in the Middle-East.